Ask Mark

What should I consider when choosing a clothier?

Reputation, quality, length of time in business, experience, look of the suit, selection, service and philosophy. A top-quality clothier understands and cares about what you want your clothing to say about you.

Why should I pay for custom tailoring if I am a perfect rack size?

The most expensive pieces of clothing you will ever own are the ones you don't wear. Well-constructed, timeless businesswear endures and should be evaluated as would any other investment: the true cost of any garment is what you paid for it divided by the number of wearings. A custom-tailored wardrobe selected from hundreds of the world's finest fabrics is one that you will wear and enjoy more. We are a local company with the expertise to compete with any clothing in the world for style, fit, and quality of material and workmanship. We only have one quality: the best.